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Underlying Funds
Summary Prospectus Prospectus Statement of Additional Information Annual Report Semiannual Report Q1 Holdings Q3 Holdings
AB® VPS Growth and Income Portfolio - Class A
Alger Capital Appreciation Portfolio Class I-2 Shares
American Century Investments® VP Inflation Protection Fund - Class II
American Century Investments® VP Value Fund - Class II
American Funds IS The Bond Fund of America®
American International Value Fund - Class II
BNY Mellon Investment Portfolios, Technology Growth Portfolio – Initial Shares
BNY Mellon Sustainable U.S. Equity Portfolio—Initial Shares
BNY Mellon VIF Opportunistic Small Cap Portfolio - Initial Shares
Columbia Variable Portfolio—Intermediate Bond Fund—Class 1
Fidelity VIP Emerging Markets fund – Service Class 2
Fidelity® VIP ContrafundSM - Initial Class
Fidelity® VIP Equity-IncomeSM - Initial Class
Fidelity® VIP Growth - Initial Class
Fidelity® VIP Index 500 - Initial Class
Fidelity® VIP Investment Grade Bond - Initial Class
Fidelity® VIP Mid Cap - Initial Class
Fidelity® VIP Overseas - Initial Class
Janus Henderson Enterprise Portfolio - Institutional Shares
Janus Henderson Global Research Portfolio - Institutional Shares
MainStay VP American Century Sustainable Equity - Service Class
MainStay VP Bond - Service Class
MainStay VP Candriam Emerging Markets Equity - Service Class
MainStay VP Fidelity Institutional AM® Utilities Portfolio - Service Class
MainStay VP Floating Rate—Initial Class
MainStay VP Income Builder Portfolio - Service Class
MainStay VP Janus Henderson Balanced Portfolio - Initial Class
MainStay VP MacKay Convertible Portfolio - Service Class
MainStay VP MacKay Government Portfolio - Service Class
MainStay VP MacKay High Yield Corporate Bond Portfolio - Service Class
MainStay VP Natural Resources—Initial Class
MainStay VP PIMCO Real Return Portfolio - Initial Class
MainStay VP S&P 500 Index—Initial Class
MainStay VP Small Cap Growth - Initial Class
MainStay VP U.S. Government Money Market—Initial Class
MainStay VP Wellington Growth - Service Class
MainStay VP Wellington U.S. Equity - Service Class
MainStay Winslow VP Large Cap Growth - Initial Class
MFS® Research International Portfolio—Initial Class
MFS® Investors Trust Series - Initial Class
MFS® New Discovery Series - Initial Class
MFS® Research Series - Initial Class
Morgan Stanley VIF Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio - Class I
Morgan Stanley VIF U.S. Real Estate Portfolio - Class I
Neuberger Berman AMT Mid-Cap Growth Portfolio - Class I Shares
PIMCO VIT Global Bond Opportunities Portfolio (Unhedged) - Administrative Class
PIMCO VIT Low Duration Portfolio - Administrative Class
PIMCO VIT Total Return Portfolio - Administrative Class
T. Rowe Price Limited Term Bond Portfolio
Western Asset Core Plus VIT Portfolio