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EliteDesigns Variable Annuity NY

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Underlying Funds
Summary Prospectus Prospectus SAI Annual Report Semi Annual Report Quarterly Holdings 1 Quarterly Holdings 3
7Twelve™ Balanced Portfolio
AB Sustainable Global Thematic
AB VPS Dynamic Asset Allocation
AB VPS Growth and Income
AB VPS Small/Mid Cap Value
AFIS Capital World Growth and Income
AFIS U.S. Government Securities
AFIS Washington Mutual Investors
Alger Capital Appreciation
Allspring International Equity VT
Allspring Omega Growth VT
Allspring Opportunity VT
ALPS/Alerian Energy Infrastructure
American Century VP Disciplined Core Value
American Century VP Inflation Protection
American Century VP International
American Century VP Mid Cap Value
American Century VP Value
American Funds IS® Asset Allocation
American Funds IS® Capital World Bond
American Funds IS® Global Growth
American Funds IS® Global Small Capitalization
American Funds IS® Growth
American Funds IS® Growth-Income
American Funds IS® International
American Funds IS® International Growth and Income
American Funds IS® Mortgage
American Funds IS® New World
BlackRock Advantage Large Cap Core V.I.
BlackRock Basic Value V.I.
BlackRock Capital Appreciation V.I.
BlackRock Equity Dividend V.I.
BlackRock Global Allocation V.I.
BlackRock High Yield V.I.
BlackRock Large Cap Focus Growth V.I.
BNY Mellon IP Small Cap Stock Index
BNY Mellon IP Technology Growth
BNY Mellon Stock Index
BNY Mellon VIF Appreciation
Delaware Ivy VIP Asset Strategy
Delaware Ivy VIP Balanced
Delaware Ivy VIP Core Equity
Delaware Ivy VIP Energy
Delaware Ivy VIP Global Growth
Delaware Ivy VIP Growth
Delaware Ivy VIP High Income
Delaware Ivy VIP International Core Equity
Delaware Ivy VIP Limited-Term Bond
Delaware Ivy VIP Mid Cap Growth
Delaware Ivy VIP Natural Resources
Delaware Ivy VIP Science And Technology
Delaware Ivy VIP Small Cap Growth
Delaware Ivy VIP Smid Cap Core
Delaware Ivy VIP Value
Delaware VIP Global Value Equity
Delaware VIP Real Estate Securities
Dimensional VA Equity Allocation
Dimensional VA Global Bond Portfolio
Dimensional VA Global Moderate Allocation
Dimensional VA International Small Portfolio
Dimensional VA International Value Portfolio
Dimensional VA Short-Term Fixed Portfolio
Dimensional VA U.S. Large Value Portfolio
Dimensional VA U.S. Targeted Value Portfolio
Donoghue Forlines Dividend VIT Fund
Donoghue Forlines Momentum VIT Fund
DWS Capital Growth VIP
DWS Core Equity VIP
DWS Global Small Cap VIP
DWS High Income VIP
DWS International Growth VIP
DWS Small Mid Cap Value VIP
Eaton Vance VT Floating-Rate Income
Federated Hermes Fund for U.S. Government Securities II
Federated Hermes High Income Bond II
Fidelity® VIP Balanced
Fidelity® VIP Contrafund®
Fidelity® VIP Disciplined Small Cap
Fidelity® VIP Emerging Markets
Fidelity® VIP Growth & Income
Fidelity® VIP Growth Opportunities
Fidelity® VIP High Income
Fidelity® VIP Index 500
Fidelity® VIP Investment Grade Bond
Fidelity® VIP Mid Cap
Fidelity® VIP Overseas
Fidelity® VIP Real Estate
Fidelity® VIP Strategic Income
Franklin DynaTech VIP
Franklin Growth and Income VIP Fund
Franklin Income VIP Fund
Franklin Large Cap Growth VIP Fund
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery VIP Fund
Franklin Mutual Shares VIP Fund
Franklin Rising Dividends VIP Fund
Franklin Small Cap Value VIP Fund
Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth VIP Fund
Franklin Strategic Income VIP Fund
Franklin U.S. Government Securities VIP Fund
Goldman Sachs VIT International Equity Insights
Goldman Sachs VIT Large Cap Value
Goldman Sachs VIT Mid Cap Growth
Goldman Sachs VIT Mid Cap Value
Goldman Sachs VIT Small Cap Equity Insights
Goldman Sachs VIT Strategic Growth
Guggenheim VIF All Cap Value
Guggenheim VIF Floating Rate Strategies
Guggenheim VIF Global Managed Futures Strategy
Guggenheim VIF High Yield
Guggenheim VIF Large Cap Value
Guggenheim VIF Long Short Equity
Guggenheim VIF Managed Asset Allocation
Guggenheim VIF Multi-Hedge Strategies
Guggenheim VIF Small Cap Value
Guggenheim VIF SMid Cap Value
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Large Core