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SecureDesigns Variable Annuity

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Fund Name Summary Prospectus Prospectus SAI Annual Report Semi Annual Report Quarterly Holdings 1 Quarterly Holdings 3
AB VPS Dynamic Asset Allocation
AB VPS Small/Mid Cap Value
American Century VP Mid Cap Value
American Century VP Ultra®
American Century VP Value
American Funds IS® Asset Allocation
American Funds IS® Capital World Bond
American Funds IS® Global Growth
American Funds IS® Growth-Income
American Funds IS® International
American Funds IS® New World
BlackRock Equity Dividend V.I.
BlackRock Global Allocation V.I.
BlackRock High Yield V.I.
BNY Mellon IP MidCap Stock
BNY Mellon IP Small Cap Stock Index
BNY Mellon IP Technology Growth
BNY Mellon VIF Appreciation
ClearBridge Variable Aggressive Growth
ClearBridge Variable Small Cap Growth
Fidelity® VIP Equity-Income
Fidelity® VIP Growth & Income
Fidelity® VIP Growth Opportunities
Fidelity® VIP High Income
Fidelity® VIP Overseas
Franklin Allocation VIP Fund
Franklin Income VIP Fund
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery VIP Fund
Franklin Small Cap Value VIP Fund
Franklin Strategic Income VIP Fund
Guggenheim VIF All Cap Value
Guggenheim VIF Alpha Opportunity
Guggenheim VIF Floating Rate Strategies
Guggenheim VIF Global Managed Futures Strategy
Guggenheim VIF High Yield
Guggenheim VIF Large Cap Value
Guggenheim VIF Long Short Equity
Guggenheim VIF Managed Asset Allocation
Guggenheim VIF Multi-Hedge Strategies
Guggenheim VIF Small Cap Value
Guggenheim VIF SMid Cap Value
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Large Core
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Large Growth
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Mid Growth
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Small Growth
Guggenheim VIF Total Return Bond
Guggenheim VIF World Equity Income (unbundled)
Invesco Oppenheimer V.I. Discovery Mid Cap Growth
Invesco Oppenheimer V.I. Global Fund
Invesco Oppenheimer V.I. Main Street Small Cap Fund
Invesco Oppenheimer V.I. Total Return Bond Fund
Invesco V.I. Comstock
Invesco V.I. Equity and Income
Invesco V.I. Global Real Estate
Invesco V.I. Government Money Market
Invesco V.I. Government Securities
Invesco V.I. Health Care
Invesco V.I. International Growth
Invesco V.I. Mid Cap Core Equity
Ivy VIP Asset Strategy
Janus Henderson VIT Enterprise
Janus Henderson VIT Research
JPMorgan Insurance Trust Core Bond Portfolio
Lord Abbett Series Bond-Debenture VC
Lord Abbett Series Developing Growth VC
MFS® VIT II Research International
MFS® VIT Total Return
MFS® VIT Utilities
Morgan Stanley VIF Emerging Markets Equity
Morningstar Aggressive Growth ETF Asset Allocation Portfolio
Morningstar Balanced ETF Asset Allocation Portfolio
Morningstar Conservative ETF Asset Allocation Portfolio
Morningstar Growth ETF Asset Allocation Portfolio
Morningstar Income and Growth ETF Asset Allocation Portfolio
Neuberger Berman AMT Sustainable Equity
PIMCO VIT CommodityRealReturn Strategy
PIMCO VIT Emerging Markets Bond
PIMCO VIT International Bond Portfolio (U.S. Dollar-Hedged)
PIMCO VIT Low Duration
PIMCO VIT Real Return
PIMCO VIT Total Return
Putnam VT Small Cap Value
Royce Micro-Cap
T. Rowe Price Health Sciences
Templeton Developing Markets VIP Fund
Templeton Global Bond VIP Fund
Western Asset Variable Global High Yield Bond